What is Airsoft?

AIRSOFT - Often explained as like paintball but... with BBs, 10x cheaper and Airsoft games are based more arround realism with missions such as hostage rescue, capturing intel and more.


Airsoft also uses guns that replicate real firearms and can be hard to tell the difference between the real steel and an Airsoft version. Due to this, you need a UKARA liscence to purchase one from a retailer unless they are Two Toned.

Do I need UKARA to play at your site?

Not at all. We are a UKARA registered site, so providing you play 3 times in over 2 months, we will registered you on the UKARA database so you be able to leagally buy any Airsoft RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm).

How old do I have to be to play?

14+ for Airsoft games (shooting other players). Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times! The responsible addult must be in the building at all times. You do not have to play, we have a seating / reception area for you to wait.

Can I bring my own kit?

Yes, we recomend you bring as little kit as possible, you will be running around and it can get quite warm inside!


Bring as much kit as you can carry but you will be in tight corridor areas and going through door ways at speed.


You can wear any kit you want providing you have eye protection and sturdy boots!


If you are short on kit, visit our store Patrol Base to get kitted up.

Do I need any previous experience?

Not at all! At HALO MILL Indoor Airsoft Arena, we offer a set of training courses based on ex-firearm weapons tuitation from the professionals.


Everyone in Airsoft is generally friendly and will welcome you and get you involved in all the fun and action. If you don't have your own gear and guns, you can rent them from our selves.

What is the FPS limit?

For any Airsoft gun being used. We permit access for people with up to 500fps bolt action sniper rifles looking to use our sniper range to set up their hop and sights.


All guns are chronod before any game, if you are 0.1fps over 350 at any time, you will not be allowed to use that Airsoft gun until it is firing under 350fps every time.

Do I need to bring my own food?

We provide snacks and plenty of drinks on site. HALO MILL indoor Airsoft arena is also surrounded with shops and is built on top of a Premier news agents. HALO MILL is also surrounded by fast food and bakers.

What facilities do you provide?

HALO MILL has on site toilets with fresh running water in all appliances too. We also have a small on site "tuck shop" selling sweets, drinks and Airsoft spares including BBs, gas and some equipment.

Do you stock spare ammo, batteries etc?

We have a plentiful supply of 0.2g and 0.25g BBs. We also have gas, spare batteries and some tactical equipment to purchase on site. If your battery dies we can charge this for you too for free.

Do I need full face protection?

If you are under 18 yes. You will not be allowed to play otherwise. We provide rental full face protection.


We advise everyone to wear full face protection. HALO MILL indoor Airsoft involves very close combat.

Tel: 01484 840554

Email: info@halomill.com


Halo Mill, The Penthouse, Colne Valley Business Park,

Manchester Road, Linthwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5QG

Tel: 01484 840554

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